By Kasra Moghadam with Team Snore

Help Jack get his pillow back from the evil mare! In Between is a puzzle platformer game. The main mechanic in this game is teleporting between the 2 rooms existing in each level. You have to solve puzzles and do some platforming to reach the goal(the pillow) in each level with jumping and teleporting.

This game on the first place in Tehran's video games exhibition's 4 day game jam and in Iran's National Game Development Institute's 3 week game jam.

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Game Designers:

  • Kasra Rahimi Moghadam
  • Mohammad Amini


  • Alireza Ashayer

2D Artist:

  • Najmeh Tahaei

Music Composers:

  • Navid Nazarzade
  • Pedram Saebi

v 1.02