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Spring Informational

Spring Informational to see what all TAGD has in store for this semester!



Game Design Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kirby Wilson and his game, Protector of the Realm, for winning this year's game design contest!



Game Design Contest

TAGD's annual Game Design Contest is underway! The game (or games) chosen from the contest will be TAGD's projects in the Spring semester!



Blizzard Talk

Ever wonder what goes on behind the gates of one of the most well-respected gaming companies around?



Halloween Social

TAGD's Halloween social will be tonight! Be dressed in costumes and ready to set out on a fun filled quest for a chance to win some neat prizes!



LCAD Game Presentations

LCAD MFA Grad students present their thesis games.



Chillennium Game Jam

Chillennium - the 48 hour game jam is this weekend with multiple TAGD teams will be participating! Edit:



Unity Workshop

This week is a Unity Workshop in ARCC 207 at 7:30PM! Learn some basic -but essential- skills in Unity and then put those skills to the test at the Chillennium game jam this weekend!


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