13 Jan 2014 04:18

Howdy all, and welcome to the start of a new semester. For those first finding this site, we are TAGD: the Texas Aggie Game Developers. Our organization is devoted to helping students learn how to develop and design video games whether it be for a future career or a pastime hobby. We can help present perspectives and opportunities regarding game development that college classes fall short in as well as provide an environment in which like-minded individuals may meet one another. We meet on Wednesdays in HRBB 113 from 7:30 to 8:30pm; our first meeting this semester will likely be on 22 January. If this changes, we will make a post here on this site and on the calendar.

Here are some of our plans for this semester:

Last semester, we changed things up a bit by only meeting every other Wednesday; this was an unintentional consequence of not being able to reserve lab rooms for bi-monthly workshops. Unfortunately, this set-up caused the schedule to be rather confusing, and therefore this spring we aim to meet every Wednesday in the same room.

Secondly, we will be holding a Game Jam similar to the one we held in the fall semester. The former Game Jam was actually TAGD's first ever Jam, and we hope to continue it this semester as well. Stay tuned to find out more!

We hope that you had a good winter break, and we wish you the best of luck this spring. Hope to see you at our first meeting!


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