16 Apr 2014 12:05

Today during our normal meeting time, we will be holding the officer elections of the 2014-15 academic year. If you would like to run, be sure to either send Austin, our president, an email, or come to the meeting today. As usual, it will be held in HRBB 115 at 7pm.

Here are the positions with short descriptions:

Chair Oversees most duties and is responsible for the direction the group takes
Vice Chair Assistant to the Chair and general record-keeper
Treasurer The money person. In charge of dues and managing income/expenditures.
Industry Liason Connects TAGD with representatives of the game development industry
Development Chair Prepares TAGD members for the game development industry by organizing workshops and gathering tools/resources
Academic Chair Connects TAGD with Texas A&M faculty and other special interest groups
Event Chair Organizes general TAGD-specific events beyond weekly meetings
Webmaster Manages this website and other TAGD-related media


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