23 Oct 2014 15:17

Starting 07 November, the LIVE Lab will be hosting a Game Jam! To apply, please click on the button provided below. We are only accepting 60 applicants at the most, so if you want to participate, sign up early! Applications close at midnight, 31 Oct (next Friday).

A Game Jam is an event where anyone can gather together in one place and dedicate the next 48 hours to making a game. When you arrive on Friday, 07 Nov, your goal is simple: make a playable game. It doesn't matter how good it is or how flawless the code is. Just make something! You can either work on a team or as an individual, and all engines are fair game. Be sure to specify all the requested information on the form above. Even if you want to work on a team, but have no one to sign up with, apply anyways. We'll be happy to put groups together.

Quick Info:

  • Who: Anyone in any major!
  • What: Make a game in 48 hours
  • When: 07 Nov - 09 Nov, starting at 6pm
  • Where: ARCH A107 (the LIVE Lab)
  • Why: Because making games is fun!

If you have any questions, please contact any of the TAGD officers or SIGGRAPH officers.


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