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02 Dec 2014 16:03

This Thursday during our normal meeting time, we will be holding officer elections for Treasurer, Event Chair, and Academic Chair. If you are interested, be sure to moc.liamg|srepolevedemageiggasaxet#su liame with your name and the position you wish to run for!

The positions are detailed as follows:

Chair Oversees most duties and is responsible for the direction the group takes
Vice Chair Assistant to the Chair and general record-keeper
Treasurer The money person. In charge of dues and managing income/expenditures.
Industry Liason Connects TAGD with representatives of the game development industry
Development Chair Prepares TAGD members for the game development industry by organizing workshops and gathering tools/resources
Academic Chair Connects TAGD with Texas A&M faculty and other special interest groups
Event Chair Organizes general TAGD-specific events beyond weekly meetings
Webmaster Manages this website and other TAGD-related media