09 Oct 2013 12:22

TAGD and Siggraph's semesterly GameJam begins tonight! We will be holding a joint meeting in Langford C 111 at 8:00pm. There, we will be releasing all the details of the Jam including rules, submission information, and the theme.

The GameJam is a contest where participants start, create, and finish an entire game in just two to four days. Works may be done solo or in teams, and there is no need to sign up. Simply make your game and submit it with everyone's name, and we will consider it for judging. The number one rule of this Jam is that you start your game at or after tonight's meeting instead of continuing something you may have been working on for a while. Ideas that you may have had for games but never got around to implementing may obviously be used; we just want to ensure that everyone has an equivalent time period to work on the game.

Upon request, games you make can be posted to our site!

Our Jam will be starting tonight and ending on Sunday at 11:59pm, and on Saturday we plan to hold a convention where everyone can meet at work on their games. More details on that tonight!

For those who need to know where Langford C is, here is a map showing how to get there from the HRBB building, where we usually meet:



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