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A goofy, co-op beat-em-up in the vain of Castle Crashers that you can enjoy with your friends as you fight aliens across time.

Project Leader: Texas Aggie Game Developers
Contact: moc.liamg|adgi.dgat#moc.liamg|adgi.dgat




It is the year 2918. Earth has been invaded by an alien race known as the Thargarth. Earth, was victorious. However, in a twisted chain of events, the Thargarth, furious in their defeat created a group known as the Agents to Destroy Time (A.T.D.T). Hell bent on changing the events of Earths’ history, a Hero and his team are chosen amongst Earth’s finest to thwart the aliens plans. Our hero, Tod, with the help of his good friend Bobo, and two other squad members will use their powers of “WIP” to travel through the ages to fix the time-line.

  • Discover the roots of the disaster by collecting “WIP(Work in Progress)”, and assemble them to discover reveal the truth behind the time-unravel.
  • Unlock time control powers as you progress through the game by collecting WIPs.
  • 4-Player, jump-in/jump-out, co-op gameplay: Play as Todd in the solo campaign, or have up to three friends jump in at any time to play as Bobo or as one of the two other squad members. Players can leave at any time without affecting the others' progression.

See our latest gameplay footage on Vimeo.

Director: Daniel House
Lead Designer: William Bracho Blok
Lead Artist: Angela Wang
Lead Programmer: Spencer Rawls


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  Status Contributors
Designers nbsp;nbsp;

Daniel House (ude.umat|yarynnadeigga#ude.umat|yarynnadeigga) edit
Eric Gonzalez (ude.umat|pctfoge#ude.umat|pctfoge) edit
Kasra Rahimi (ude.umat|4rs4k#ude.umat|4rs4k) edit
Nick Vinson (ude.umat|m0dn4rtn1as#ude.umat|m0dn4rtn1as) edit
Tyler Padgett (ude.umat|032031pjt#ude.umat|032031pjt) edit
William Bracho Blok (ude.umat|kolbohcarbmailliw#ude.umat|kolbohcarbmailliw) edit
Yang Yang (ude.umat|ydnasgnaygnay#ude.umat|ydnasgnaygnay) edit

Coders nbsp;nbsp;

Hector Puga (ude.umat|55protceh#ude.umat|55protceh): edit
Jacob Hostler (ude.umat|reltsoh.bocaj#ude.umat|reltsoh.bocaj): edit
Jason Carranza (ude.umat|88ratiug#ude.umat|88ratiug): edit
Josephine Cornelius (moc.liamg|suilenroc.a.soj#moc.liamg|suilenroc.a.soj): edit
Ryan Chomistek (ude.umat|ketsimohc.nayr#ude.umat|ketsimohc.nayr): edit
Spencer Rawls (ude.umat|slwarrecneps#ude.umat|slwarrecneps): edit
Timothy Foster (ude.umat|mitile#ude.umat|mitile): edit
Troy Edwards (ude.umat|sdrawde.yort#ude.umat|sdrawde.yort): edit

Artists nbsp;nbsp;

Angela Wang (moc.liamg|gnawalegna#moc.liamg|gnawalegna) edit
Ben Brown (ude.umat|51eijneb#ude.umat|51eijneb) edit
Gabby Boyd (ude.umat|brcdybg#ude.umat|brcdybg) edit
Harry He (moc.liamg|oahinfzh#moc.liamg|oahinfzh) edit
Raya Castaneda (moc.oohay|adenatsac.ayar#moc.oohay|adenatsac.ayar) edit
Scott Rayner (moc.liamg|xtrttocs#moc.liamg|xtrttocs) edit

Composers nbsp;nbsp;
Marketers nbsp;nbsp;