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A game being developed by the group as a whole

Project Leader: TAGD
Contact: moc.liamg|srepolevedemageiggasaxet#moc.liamg|srepolevedemageiggasaxet




This is a game that we, TAGD, are developing as an organization starting Fall 2014. We will be building this game as time goes on.


We are writing this game using Unity. We will be covering Unity during our workshops, so if you want to see how you can help out, be sure to attend!


You are the a spirit of a person who died some time ago. She has no recollection of who she was before she died and has no idea why or how she died. She happens upon an abnormally tall tower that she, for some reason, recognizes (alternatively, she awakes around the tower rather than happening upon it). She therefore decides to explore it in order to rediscover who she was before she died.


A very tall, opposing tower. Presumably, each story is a level in the game. Our goal is to eventually divide into groups and create levels for the tower.


This is the one thing about our game that we have chosen to compose the majority of the gameplay.

Our goal is to make a kind low-scale RPG Adventure. As a spirit, you will be able to possess enemies (or objects) in order to accomplish various goals. Levels will be designed in such a way that there are multiple methods of completion, and hence it is up to the player how he/she wants to beat the level.

In doing this, your character will receive internal attributes depending on who/what is possessed. In this sense, over the course of the game, your "class", "skills", "personality", and so on are determined by what is possessed throughout the game. This fits in with the theme of rediscovery.

In order to keep the game low scale, the ability of possession will be one of your only abilities in the game. We may cause it so that each kind of possessable thing has exactly one action that you can utilize in order to make things simpler.


I want to contribute!

  Status Contributors
Designers nbsp;nbsp;

Justin Steptoe (moc.liamg|teggunddups#moc.liamg|teggunddups) edit
Timothy Foster (ude.umat|mitile#ude.umat|mitile) edit

Coders nbsp;nbsp;

Spencer Rawls (ude.umat.liame|slwarrecneps#ude.umat.liame|slwarrecneps): Java, C++, Javascript edit
Timothy Foster (ude.umat|mitile#ude.umat|mitile): ActionScript, C++, Javascript, CSS (?!) edit

Artists nbsp;nbsp;

Matt Godwin (ude.umat|71niwdogttam#ude.umat|71niwdogttam) edit
William Brocho Blok (ude.umat|kolbohcarbmailliw#ude.umat|kolbohcarbmailliw) edit

Composers nbsp;nbsp;
Marketers nbsp;nbsp;