27 Nov 2017 23:14

TAGD's annual Game Design Contest is underway! The game (or games) chosen from the contest will be TAGD's projects in the Spring semester!

If you wish to participate, you (and/or your group) will need to create a mock GDD fully explaining your game idea/design that will be presented at the meeting Thursday, November 30th and judged.
Remember! Judging criteria are:
*Game Scope - can the game be made in 1 semester by TAGD
*Uniqueness - is there anything out there like this?
*Skillsets Required - don't design the game to be 90% art if TAGD is 60% programmers.
*Amount of Fleshiness - is it just an idea, or have you documented all the complex interaction systems and art assets required

Preliminary GDDs need to be submitted as proof that you aren't just bs'ing your way through an idea on the spot. They don't need to be fully fleshed out, just enough to outline all the major components.
The Google Drive also contains GDD requirements and the Submission folder.

Good luck and hope to see some cool ideas game makers!!!


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