01 Sep 2013 03:13

Howdy, Ags! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own game? Ever wanted to flex your creative muscles in a fun and enjoyable way? Ever wanted to strangle the developers of League of Legends for making Master Yi too godly? If so, then join TAGD, the Texas Aggie Game Developers! We not only play games. We make them, too! (…and play them!)

We will be holding our first meeting this coming Wednesday (04 September) at 7:30pm in HRBB 113. A new, promising semester lies before us (as well as a fresh new website!), and with this new semester some interesting changes. This semester, we want to put more emphasis on the creation of games and the inclusion of all the aspects of gamemaking, not just programming. Join us on Wednesday for the details!

Be sure to check out the Calendar for the latest events, and like our Facebook group for updates and photos.


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