10 Apr 2014 19:34

If you didn't come to 09 April's meeting, you missed out! After giving a brief talk about how making board games is an excellent starting place for game design, I then split everyone into two groups and had them develop a quick board game. The catch: each group only had access to certain pieces and a particular board!

Specifically, each group could use any or all of the below pieces:

Then, in the end, we swapped groups and had them play each others creations. However, neither group could ask the other for clarification. Why? Because the point of the exercise was to introduce the importance of translating ideas to words and words to experience. Games are not games without rules, and since board games represent the rawest form of translating rules to experience, it is a great place to start as an aspiring game developer.

Here are the two games invented by TAGD members by team name; the team names have nothing to do with what I thought was better and whatnot; it's just what they called themselves!

Team Victory

Start: The four players are face up pennies and start in the North and South triangles. Two face down pennies are NPCs and start in the NE triangle and SW triangle.

Turns: Turns are taken in a clockwise direction respective to starting positions, alternating teammates (NPCs move twice as often as players).

  • Blue die: Direction
    • 1: No move
    • 2: Move north
    • 3: Move east
    • 4: Move south
    • 5: Move west
    • 6: Spawns dime
    • Note: First moves out of triangles have no directional influence
  • White die: Distance
    • Choice of rolled minus 1
    • NPCs move the max possible
  • Special rolls:
    • Snake eyes (double 1s): Spawns a nickel
    • Boxcars (double 6s): If a token is out of play and a teammate is dead, the teammate can be spawned at their start

Combat: Crossing another token
Each player/token involved as a die roll. The higher number wins. In the case of a tie, the player has priority over tokens. If PvP, the moving player calls a coin flip. Correct = success, Incorrect = DEATH

Upon winning combat, a player will gain the token as health. A token that wins will banish the token from the game. Upon losing a battle with more than 1 health, a player is booted back 3 spots away from the engagement direction.

Nickels and Dimes:
When spawned, dice are rolled.

  • White represents the column
  • Blue represents the row

When dimes are crossed, the player/token is sent back to the start. When nickels are crossed, the player/token is killed. Nickels override dimes on same placement. If all the dimes/nickels are in play and a dime/nickel is to be spawned, the first dime/nickel spawned is to be moved instead.

Win State: A player makes it to an opponent's start or kills all the opponents.

Team Humble

Start: Two-player game. One player's pieces are all heads, and the other's are tails. All four coins start in opposing corners.

  • Flip the quarter. If heads, roll die for the movement of the nickel. If tails, roll for the pennies. You can split the movements for the pennies.
  • Reach the corner with the nickel to capture it. Place dime on triangle in that corner showing heads or tails to signify your ownership.
  • Only nickels can destroy pennies, and only when you have enough moves to reach it or surpass the target. The nickel then sits one space away from the destroyed coin in the direction it came from.
  • You can move through your own coins.
  • When attacking, roll other die. Odd attack fails and even attack works.
  • You can only move orthogonally.
  • If each team owns two corners at the same time, both teams lose a corner.

Objective: Own three corners to win.


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