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07 Nov 2014 18:25

The Game Jam starts today! For all participants, here is relevant information provided by Cameron Coker for getting ready:

The Game Jam will be held in the LIVE Lab and the adjoining room: Langford A, Rooms 107 A & B.

The doors will open around 5:00pm on Friday Nov. 7th. The Game Jam officially begins and the clocks will start one hour later at 6:00pm.

All participants must check in with Game Jam staff on location prior to 6:00pm in order to reserve available equipment and workspace. No walk-ins or last minute participants will be accepted. Participants who chose to be put on a team at the start of the competition will be informed of their team members at check-in.

We have limited access to workstations, power outlets, and desk space. Though staff will try hard to accommodate the needs of every team we encourage participants to show up early, especially if you are planning to bring equipment of your own that takes time to set up.

Prior to the kick-off at 6:00pm there will be some welcome remarks and a review of the rules for the jam from the Game Jam Staff. At 6:00pm we will announce the theme for the Game Jam and the competition will start!

General rules for games produced at the Game Jam:

  • Games should be within good taste and not include explicit content.
  • Games must be created in a format that allows them to be publicly exhibited.

Food will be served periodically throughout the event, however we will not be providing food for first day of the Jam.
Participants should show up well fed and well rested.

Food is not allowed in the LIVE Lab or the adjoining room. Food will be served and be restricted to the cafe seating area just outside the Lab.

The LIVE Lab will be open throughout the competition, though the Langford building doors will lock over the weekend. Staff will be responsible for letting participants back into the building. For this reason, each participant will be issued anID badge for the competition. These badges must be worn at all times.

Participants will be allowed to leave the Lab Area at any time to eat, go home and shower, etc. However, participants will not be allowed to take work from the Game Jam out of the competition area, or use outside code or assets.

The competition area will be staffed in shifts morning and night for the entire duration of the event. During the competition, staff, including Texas A&M faculty, will be available to help participants with their games and answer questions about the event. Staff members will make their contact information available to participants so that participants can inform staff of any problems. Safety and security are our highest priorities so participants should make themselves aware of who is currently on staff and how to contact them in case of an emergency.

During the competition video or photographs may be taken of the event. If you are uncomfortable with appearing in videos or having your picture taken please let a staff member know prior to the start of the competition.

The Game Jam will last 48 hours until 6:00pm, Sunday Nov. 9th. Because of the number of teams and participants the staff may ask for competitors to have their game ready to present to judges a few hours prior to 6:00pm.
Once the competition ends at 6:00pm all work must stop. Participants and judges will have the opportunity to play the games that have been created prior to the judging results and awards being announced.

The judges will have a chance to play all of the games and will grade them in the following categories:

  • Gameplay
  • Art
  • Sound
  • Use of Theme

Prizes will be awarded in each of these categories as well as others.

Good luck, and we hope to see you there!


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