01 Apr 2015 12:27

Tomorrow (02 April) at 7pm during our normal meeting time in HRBB 115, we will be having Jacob Foshee, one of TAGD's original co-founders, come talk to us about the things he wish he knew as an aspiring game developer! Food will be provided as well.

You want to make games? Make games. Lots of games. Work alone and on teams. Share your work. Use good tools. Take the right courses and get the relevant info from them. Understand as much math as you can. Consider grad school. Sketch out your career. Understand money. Grow deeply and broadly. Contrast the entertainment industry with other industries. Understand the real barriers to success. Understand true effectiveness.

Jacob Foshee attended Texas A&M from 1996 to 2004, earning bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science. He was active in some student organizations, and cofounded TAGD. His academic emphasis was computer graphics. He was a TA for Computer Graphics (441 and 641). He took all the visualization related classes he could!

Professionally, Jacob has worked about 5 years in the oil & gas industry, and 5 years in the medical industry. Throughout he has maintained a specialty in computer graphics, however he is a "full-stack" developer familiar with most major platforms. He currently works for the start-up Science & Engineering Software Consulting firm Durwella.

Jacob welcomes hearing from TAGD members and you can find multiple ways to connect with him at


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