Texas Aggie Game Developers (TAGD) was formed at Texas A&M University over the summer of 2003 by a group of students who all shared a similar passion: making video games. Realizing that getting a job in the games industry with solely a degree in Computer Science was simply not realistic, this organization was established by Jacob Foshee to help students learn and gain experience in game development. Over the years, TAGD has evolved its ways of learning, gaining experience and setting priorities for its members to be coherent with the present and the future expectations of the industry.

At TAGD, we explore game design.

What are "game mechanics"? How does art and music affect the gameplay? Why is League of Legends so successful? TAGD explores all these questions and more, seeking to help you grow from an aspiring game designer to a pro.

We hold a weekly meeting every Thursday in ARCA 107B from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. During meetings in the past, we have discussed everything from music in Banjo Kazooie to competitive gaming in the Halo series. Each year, we delve into new terrain, ask intriguing questions, and teach different things. Don't miss out; see us on Thursday!

We probe programming and beyond.

While programming is an essential part to developing computer games, so are art, script, music, mechanics, and story. TAGD invites Aggies of all majors, for it truly takes all majors to make a successful game.

TAGD was originally founded as a Computer Science club and focused primarily on programming good games. Over the years, though, we have received a great diversity of individuals with an interest in game development. Now, we look at the big picture of game design, and have come to realize that making a quality game requires a great expanse of expertise.

So, do not relent because you have no programming experience. Come and see for yourself if TAGD is for you!

And of course, we play games too.

What is a good game development club without actually playing games? Playing games is to the game industry as what reading is to academics. Hence, we host LAN parties for both that reason and to have some good fun.

We will also occasionally host other social events, like movie nights. TAGD is a place where you can meet and, hopefully, befriend like-minded individuals.

Be sure to check our calendar for a listing of our events and meetings as they come up!